Governance Policies

Directors' Responsibilities

  • Division of responsibilities

    There is a clear division of responsibilities between the leadership of the Board and the Executive leadership of the Company’s business. The roles of the Chair and Chief Executive are, and will continue to be, separate. The division of responsibilities between the Chair and the Chief Executive is set out in writing and approved by the Board.

    Chair, Richard Grainger

    Provide coherent leadership to the Board.

    • Set the agenda, style and tone of Board discussions to promote effective decision making and constructive debate.
    • Ensure constructive relations between the Executive and Non-Executive Directors.
    • Ensure new Directors participate in a full, formal and tailored induction programme facilitated by the Company Secretary.
    • Ensure the development needs of the Board and its Directors are identified and, with the Company Secretary having a key role, that these needs are met.
    • Ensure the peformance of the Board, its Committees and individual Directors is evaluated at least once a year with the support of the Senior Independent Director.
    • Ensure effective communications with shareholders and communicate their views to the Board.
    • Promote the highest standards of integrity, probity and corporate governance.
    • Ensure an appropriate balance is maintained between the interest of shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Chief Executive, Simon Perkins

    Lead the Executive Directors and the senior team in the day-today running of the Company.

    • Develop the Company’s objectives and strategy having regard to the Company’s responsibilities to its shareholders, customers, employees and other stakeholders.
    • Successful achievement of objectives and execution of approved strategy and effective implementation of Board decisions.
    • Manage the Company’s risk profile, and internal controls in line with the extent and categories of risk identified as acceptable by the Board.
    • Optimise as far as reasonably possible the use and adequacy of the Company’s resources.
    • Identifiy and execute acquisitions and disposals.
    • Develop policies for Board approval and implementation and ensure all policies and procedures are followed and conform to the highest standards.
    • Make recommendations to the Remuneration Committee on employee remuneration policy.
    • Make recommendations to the Nomination Committee on the role and capabilities required in respect of the appointment of Executive Directors.
  • Senior Independent Director, Jon Austen

    Act as a sounding board for the Chair, providing support in delivering objectives.

    • Serve as an intermediary for the other Directors and shareholders.
    • To be available to shareholders and other Non-Executive Directors to address any concerns or issues outside of alternative channels.
    • Lead the process to review the Chair’s performance
  • Chief Financial Officer, Giles Salmon

    Support the Chief Executive in developing the Company’s objectives and strategy.

    • Lead and manage the day-to-day running of the finance team.
    • Advise and present to the Board the Company’s financial strategy.
    • Responsible for the organisation’s forecasting, budgets and cashflow and oversees all financial reporting.
    • Head of Human Resources.
    • Responsible for the Company’s IT system and IT security.
    • A member of the Risk Sub-committee and advises on all elements of financial risk.
    • Responsible for internal financial controls and compliance.
  • Property Director, Tom Elliott

    Supports the Chief Executive in developing the Company’s objectives and strategy.

    • Advise the Board on the Company’s portfolio strategy.
    • Lead the development and implementation of the Company’s asset management and occupier services strategy.
    • Responsible for, and implements, the Company’s sustainability stategy.
    • A member of the Risk Sub-committee and advises on all elements of property risk.
    • Lead and manage the day-to-day running of the property team.
  • Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), Jon Austen, Jeremy Bates, Helen Sachdev and Nick Shepherd

    • Provide external independent perspective and oversight to the Board.
    • Create constructive challenge to executive decision making.
    • Assist in setting the Company’s strategy and objectives and apply their particular specialist expertise and exeperience.
    • Promote the highest standards of corporate governance and integrity.
    • Membership of the Company’s Remuneration, Audit and Risk and Nomination Committees and undertake their responsibilities as set out in the Committee Terms of Reference.
    • Attend the Company’s Annual General Meeting and respond to shareholders’ questions in their capacity as Chairs of the Company’s Committees.
  • Designated NED, Nick Shepherd

    • Engage with the Company’s workforce to better understand their views.
    • Facilitate employees’ voices within the boardroom.
  • Company Secretary, Joanne McKeown

    • Secretary to the Board.
    • Prepare and disseminate Board and Committee Papers.
    • Responsible for organising the Annual General Meeting.
    • Guide the Board on corporate governance and regulatory compliance.
    • Support the Board, Committees, Chair and Directors