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Our Approach

Our approach to sustainability

Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is central to protecting and adding long term value to the business. Sustainability is a core element of the Group’s strategy to deliver quality business space that is attractive to both investors and occupiers, ensuring it maintains compliance with legislation and meets best practice asset management and development standards.

During the financial year ended 31st March 2018, the Group continued to make progress with its ambitious sustainability strategy. This is focused on delivering across three areas: managing sustainable buildings; creating sustainable buildings; and engaging stakeholders. The strategy addresses the most material risks and opportunities associated with our core business activities and targets are set at the beginning of the financial year across all three focus areas.

The Group’s sustainability advisor, JLL, provides ongoing support to implement the strategy and reviews progress made against the targets on a quarterly basis.

The Group’s sustainability objectives

The Group has showcased the high sustainability standards achieved at recently completed projects Prospero, Redhill and 9 Greyfriars Road, Reading, allowing it to attract high-calibre occupants to these spaces.

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