Rolex Classic Watch 2 Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages

fake rolex watches Explorer I is a comparison of Rolex in a swiss replica watches, aperture 3-6-9, inverted triangle and bar when the standard so that it has a dressing swiss replica watches and sports watch mixed atmosphere. 114270 dial easy to read even do not love rolex Walt Odets also expressed appreciation. The earliest explorer should be 6350 it, honeycomb black with round 3-6-9 fonts and non-Mercedes-Benz needle, the movement of the series is the Observatory level. Modern Explorer I had a few years ago and had been worn for a Japanese bird in the Japanese bird opera, but the price soon settled down. Rolex in recent years to play "big" upgrade, 16710-116710, 16600-116660,114270 also by upgrading to 214270, became the first to only 2 led sport rolex! First to a few comparison map first The advantage of the upgrade is 1. Large, 39mm, in line with recent aesthetic perspective. Dress or dress to wear two affordable. 2. Straps and buckles are upgraded, strong, but the overall weight is still at the lightweight level. 3. Ping, HKD41600 the price, is a very friendly work of a member of the work. 4. fried, and agents have a friend of the discount. 5. Drawing the shell and the belt, it is easy to handle. After the upgrade for the shortcomings 1. 3-6-9 for the metal word, the word is not like the 114270 filled with white paint, looks more tired. 2. Shell big, the pointer and no corresponding increase in length. 3. The surface is dumb black, not reflective black, so personal feeling almost easy to read than the old. Rolex's movement will not comment, and in general is a good watch, but not as SDDS rise, do you think?